Where people gather, we’re there, too.

A new 40-gate concourse for the world’s busiest airport. A breakthrough experience for watching NBA games. A building that generates more energy and water than it uses.

Some projects don’t fall neatly into an industry category – they’re just big and special.

This describes our commercial HVAC, plumbing and process systems work for all kinds of clients. Here, a general contractor or facility owner will invite us to develop a proposal because the complexity or scale of the project is a good fit for our capabilities.


When a commercial project calls for added expertise, we answer.

Here’s how we approach these big-time projects:

  • Build with future maintenance (and constructability) in mind. At some point, you’ll need to access that equipment and components without having to tear out infrastructure. We think about this as we design the space to accommodate your systems. Whoever is replacing parts or making repairs needs to get in there quickly and easily.
  • Make choices that generate greater ROI. Many large-scale commercial projects have enormous utility bills. In specifying chillers and boilers, pumps and fans, air handlers and other equipment for your project, we emphasize high efficiency. We also look at ways to optimize water usage – from tapping underground well systems to retaining rainwater into cisterns to returning condensate from air handlers and using it as make-up water for Cooling Towers.
  • Provide realistic pricing. For planning and budget purposes, you need to know up front what a project is really going to cost. Our model pricing brings cost all the way down to the component or fitting. Our goal is to get the budgets right from the start and maintain the budgets from conceptual design to job completion.

Our promise to you is to be the team best prepared for the most complex HVAC and plumbing work in commercial venues.

Here’s how we keep that promise:

Hire and retain talented people. Talent can’t be claimed – it has to be proven. The way we screen and hire our professionals allows us to see if they’re a good fit. If they are, they tend to stay for a long while.

Keep the team safe. With safety, we take no shortcuts and spare no expense. Every day begins with a team analysis of job hazards. And every employee is authorized to stop work if he/she observes an unsafe practice. Our mantra: Go home the way you came in.

Leverage equipment and process to ensure consistency. We fabricate systems, piping and multi-trade racks in a state-of-the-art shop (90,000 sq. ft.). A Class-1000 “clean room” shop allows us to fabricate high-purity stainless steel and hygienic piping to ISO-level standards.

Meticulously track project steps and details. We use advanced technology to integrate information into all facets of a project, from estimating through building turnover. This helps assure pricing, protect scheduling and promote accountability. Deliverables must meet clearly defined standards.

Choose partners carefully. We work only with a select group of experienced subcontractors, whom we’ve partnered with for decades. And we bring in licensed, independent professionals – dedicated to each worksite – to inspect the work of our team before it’s delivered.

Get a complete overview of our mechanical construction and plumbing approach

For Big-Ticket Venues,

we construct, install and maintain:

  • Central energy plants
  • Modularized skids
  • Multi-trade racks
  • Air handling units
  • Chillers and boilers
  • Cooling towers
  • Variable frequency drives
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Generator and generator exhaust systems
  • Automation controls systems (installation and service)
  • Commissioning services

Many large-scale commercial projects have enormous utility bills. In specifying equipment for
your project, we emphasize high efficiency.

Finally, we keep a healthy perspective on our work:

  • We expect high performance and provide our people with unbending support. In turn, they take great pride and ownership in their work.
  • We envision what our HVAC and plumbing work will be like for those who build, use and maintain the facilities we support. The end result is foremost in mind.
  • We see ourselves as problem solvers but never believe we have all of the answers. Every project brings a lesson learned.

Here are a few examples of BK's complex commercial projects: