Protecting our team is priority one.

We have a saying here: Every employee must go home the way they came in – safe and free of injury.

It’s a culture of safety that’s practiced from the top down and the bottom up. We live what we say.


Here’s what we do to keep our employees safe and protected at all times:

We invest in the latest equipment and technology.

We provide all of our employees with standard personal protective equipment (PPE) – and then go several steps further.

Sometimes that’s an infrared camera that allows workers to see behind a wall to avoid any surprises.

Or a sensor to detect when temperatures behind a wall become unsafe.

Or an air monitor that can detect dangerous vapors in confined spaces and on sites such as chemical plants, printing manufacturers and pharmaceutical laboratories.

We thoroughly discuss safety before the job begins.

At the start of each workday, each field worker fills out a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) form. They look at the all of the steps ahead and consider the hazards involved.

Then they propose ways to eliminate those hazards, including determining which equipment they’ll need and inspecting that equipment to make sure it’s safe.

At the home office, management also has morning meetings to review the day’s activities and discuss any new hazards that might arise.

We empower our people to speak up.

B&K employees are encouraged to ask questions when they’re unfamiliar with a process or unsure of a situation.

And every team member has the full authority to stop work at any moment they feel conditions are unsafe. Above all else, we want our people to choose safety over other priorities.

We provide training throughout the year.

In scheduled sessions, employees learn how to properly use equipment and are trained on other relevant safety topics as needed.

We also keep our foremen, service technicians and project managers up to date on the latest safety regulations. All foremen and control personnel are certified in CPR and first aid, which they’re required to update every two years.

All B&K employees are encouraged to ask questions when they’re unfamiliar with a process or unsure of a situation.

We keep safety first on the minds of all employees.

Each morning, all B&K team members receive a “Daily Safety Reminder” email that addresses some aspect of safety. This keeps safe practices front and center.

We also send out weekly safety “Toolbox Talks” to foremen that review safety topics, issues and lessons learned so they can stay current on what’s changing in the world of safety.