Josh Trice

VP – Operations, Regions

In his role at Batchelor & Kimball, Josh oversees the company’s regional operations.

Josh has a diverse background in the construction industry. As a professional engineer, he has experience in construction management, design engineering consulting, and in project management for a general contractor, giving him a unique perspective into the world of mechanical contracting and the ability to provide creative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.  

Since joining Batchelor & Kimball in 2016, Josh has performed many roles including estimator, project manager, and director. As VP of Construction Operations, he has been instrumental in growing the company’s presence in other regions, leading efforts in Austin, TX, and Raleigh, NC. B&K had no presence in Texas and very little historical presence in North Carolina prior to 2022. Since 2023, the company has performed hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and automobile markets.

When he’s not at work, Josh loves spending time with family and friends. Josh is happily married to Itzel, with whom he has three children: Liam, Remi, and Emma. His family keeps him busy between sports leagues and traveling, including trips to his home state of Texas. 

“Our goal here at B&K is prioritizing our people first and treating every new client with the expectation they’ll be a repeat client for years to come.”