Jorge Aponte

Director of High Purity and Manufacturing Operations

With a blend of innovative thinking and meticulous execution, Jorge stands at the forefront of mechanical engineering leadership.

Jorge is an accomplished Director with extensive experience in the execution and management of diverse construction projects across the commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas sectors. With a proven track record in project controls and construction activities, Jorge excels in leading teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. Jorge's strengths in planning, organization, strategic thinking, hands-on approach, and dedication to team collaboration make him an invaluable asset to our organization. He thrives in dynamic environments, consistently driving projects to achieve desired goals and exceed expectations.

Jorge is deeply committed to excellence and continuous improvement. He always seeks innovative ways to enhance project efficiency and deliver superior results. His leadership and expertise align perfectly with organizations seeking exceptional performance in mechanical engineering projects.

His career highlights include his pivotal role in an oil and gas facility project, where he estimated and managed a complex 100MM contract with a 12-month duration. His strategic approach and innovative solutions, such as reducing labor and rental costs through efficient material procurement and custom fabrication, significantly contributed to the project's success. His leadership ensured the project finished on schedule despite losing 64 days to inclement weather.

At a pharmaceutical facility, Jorge was instrumental in transforming a struggling T&M job into a profitable venture. His meticulous budgeting, scheduling, and project management skills saved the company 2 million annually in material and labor costs. Jorge's ability to enhance project profitability from 10% to 16% and secure a Master Service Agreement further underscores his expertise in optimizing project outcomes and fostering client relationships.

In overseeing the HVAC contract for a 120MM Healthcare project, Jorge demonstrated his technical understanding by identifying and correcting critical design errors, thereby preventing costly system failures. His keen attention to detail and proactive problem-solving were vital in ensuring the project's operational success.

A longtime resident of Gwinnett County, Jorge is actively involved in trade organizations with the ISPE Southeast Chapter. He and his wife Julissa have one child, and they enjoy traveling and creating memories together.

“At B&K business relationships are the heartbeat of success, fostering trust, collaboration, and the bases of opportunity in every venture.”