Chris Anderson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Making Batchelor & Kimball the best place to work is the main focus of Chris’s job.

Chris's primary role is to cultivate and support the company culture, fostering an environment that perpetuates B&K’s position as the employer of choice. He ensures that all employees, regardless of their background or role, can reach their full potential. To achieve this, Chris designs development training programs that align with the company’s core competencies, equipping employees with the necessary skills to perform their jobs safely and effectively. A key focus of his is providing employees with the tools they need to be creative and innovative in addressing our clients’ needs.

With a 30-year career in Human Resources, Chris has led teams for companies in manufacturing and various other industries across the U.S. and internationally. He brings extensive experience in developing and implementing people processes and employee engagement programs. As an advocate for his teams, he is dedicated to guiding them on the path to success and leadership. Chris is passionate about maintaining our company culture – one where everyone works towards our common goals while nurturing individuality and creativity.

Chris resides in Grayson, GA, with his wife, Lynn. They have three grown children: Colton, Alexa, and Amara. In his spare time, he enjoys home improvement projects and gardening, where he makes good use of his exceptional green thumb.

“Good people want to work at Batchelor & Kimball. Keeping it that way is a high priority.”